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August 8, 2005: A chance encounter at the Metro Cafe. Brian was there for a meeting of the Sarasota Scooter Club with his kung fu partner and best friend Josh Harrold. Melissa was there at the prompting of Josh Harrold, an old friend from college, and for a too-sweet Italian soda. Brian's boneless ease and debonaire wit collided with Melissa's serpentine grace to knock both of them for a loop. As Brian said to Josh, "This one's trouble."

August 27, 2005: Though they had communicated online, this would be the next time that Brian and Melissa actually met face to face. The scooter club was hosting a roll and bowl. Melissa is not a bowler, but the lure of Brian's presence was just too much to pass up. Several gutter balls, a scooter ride to the beach, a couple games of pool, and an evening spent comparing the niceties of Brian's Pangai-Noon kung fu to Melissa's Raqs Sharqi dance and a formidable friendship was formed. Melissa left with Brian's digits - Brian pressed them upon her - so she could call about kung fu class.

August 28, 2005: Much to Brian's surprise, Melissa showed up for kung fu class. And did quite well.

August 30, 2005: Melissa called Brian that night, at the exact moment he had cradled his cell and input her number before dialing. Along with chaperone Josh, they went on a dinner date. And to a Tavern. And on a scooter ride. And to play pool. And to play video games. After that, she never really left. Somehow, life just seemed to fit better when they were together rather than apart.

November 27, 2005: Three months later, Brian and Melissa stood on the deck of a cruiseship, steaming toward Jamaica. It was formal night, and just after dinner. Brian handed Melissa the camera because it wasn't working right. It took her a minute before she saw the ring in his hand.

Fun Facts About Melissa & Brian:
Fate has a funny way of working, sometimes...things happen when they're supposed to happen!
  • Brian worked at the Half Moon Beach Club in 2000, with Melissa's boyfriend at the time. Brian convinced her boyfriend to quit because he didn't like his job. Melissa went to the Half Moon often, but never met Brian.
  • Brian dated girls at New College and attended many parties there while Melissa was a student but they never met.
  • Josh and Brian became close friends around 1999, and practiced kung fu at Josh's home. Melissa visited often, but never met Brian.
  • In early 2005, Melissa and Brian were both at one of Josh's parties. There were only a few people there, but they didn't meet each other.
  • In 2002, Melissa went to a party at the Hill, Brian's old home, which Brian also attended. There were only about 10 people there, but Melissa and Brian never met.
  • Brian's birthday is March 23, the same day as Melissa's Grandfather.